Aaron Caville


New Zealander

A lifelong athlete, on the rugby field, in the boxing ring and on the basketball court, Aaron has been training for fitness, weight loss and strength for more than thirty years. Due to the negative effects that the COVID-19 lockdowns had on his fitness and weight, Aaron revitalised himself to find the best way to restore both. He exhaustively researched the gamut of diet plans and exercise regimes, and reached the conclusion that there could be a better way of attaining and maintaining his goals. Using himself as the trail subject, he developed his own diet and fitness plan called Best-U.

Best-U is a nutrition plan that I experimented on myself after lockdown. I lost 17kg easily. I wanted a plan were the food was delicious, easy to implement, available on the road, and also kept me supplied with high levels of energy. I combined the best bits of the French Diet with the Atkins Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Portion Control, and Timing to create a new plan that sees my clients losing up to 3.6kg per week, while still enjoying delicious food.”

After working successfully with a number of individual clients, Aaron decided to tell his story and present this unique integration of nutrition and exercise, for both men and women, in one detailed volume.

Best-U - Lose Weight With Yummy Food is now published, and available for purchase at Barnes & Noble.

Aaron’s creative muscles have also been getting a workout, as he has written his first feature film script, a coming-of-age comedy with lots of twists and turns, titled After Happily Ever.

Aaron Caville