Kim Blair

Actor / Commercial / Presenter / Voice
Age Range




Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Salt & Pepper

Based In

Auckland, New Zealand

Voice Style

Animation / Character / Corporate / Documentary / Phone Message / Promo Radio/TV / Promo Retail / Soft Sell / Straight / Voice Acting

Kim Blair is a highly regarded professional voice artist and actor with over 17 years experience. Originally from Australia, he now calls Masterton home. 

Kim has an engaging, friendly voice style with a smooth, relaxed, natural sound perfect for narration and documentaries, but just as comfortable with hard sell or that “big voice” promo. Always willing to take direction, Kim can deliver the Aussie or Kiwi accent you’re after or a more neutral International sound. 

Winner of the Australian Business Book Awards - Audiobook of the year 2019 for the book Cadence, Kim can deliver the tone that's needed from short form to audio-books.

Kim Blair