"..more hats than Tex Morton"

Arthur Baysting passed away on 3 December 2019.

Writing in Audio Culture, Chris Bourke covers a truly unique creative life:

In his long career in New Zealand music, entertainment and other cultural pursuits, Arthur Baysting has worn more hats than his childhood hero Tex Morton. The most famous is the white fedora of his 1970s alter ego Neville Purvis. Since first emerging in 1968 as a journalist, Baysting has been a pioneering pop critic, poet, editor, reviewer, stand-up comedian, cabaret MC, script writer for film and TV, documentary maker, songwriter, music campaigner, and activist in issues ranging from copyright to children’s rights. Behind the scenes he has been an advocate, facilitator and motivator, encouraging others to fulfil their artistic potential.

For RBA's Ian Mune there is a special poignancy, given that he and Arthur Baysting were not just collaborators but pioneering disruptors of the screen industries. NZ On Screen has the full story